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Effective Court Support Tips and Rules
  • In order to truly support medical marijuana defendants, there are some basic guidelines you should follow whenever attending a court support. It is important to remember that the courts take a dim view of anything even remotely perceived as “disrespectful” to the dignity of the court. This includes appearance, attitude and actions of not only the defendants and counsel, but of the spectators as well. Hostile court employees can and will look for any excuse at all to eject you from the courtroom – don’t give it to them!
  • Dress as conservatively as possible. Be sure to wear clean neat clothing. If possible dress in business attire. Avoid t-shirts with vulgarities, bare midriffs or otherwise revealing clothing.
  • Maintain a polite and respectful tone when dealing with court personnel. Pay attention to their instructions and comply with their requests immediately. Avoid any outward negative reactions to their instructions as some take this as a sign of disrespect. 
  • Turn off pagers and cell phone ringers.
  • Leave cameras outside as photography is not allowed in the courthouse (unless you are a member of the media who has prearranged permission). Cameras have been confiscated from those not following the rules.
  • Do not talk while court is in session. Even quiet whispering is enough to get you ejected from the courtroom.
  • Do not attempt to interact with any members of the jury and never talk about the case when a member of the jury is in earshot. Take care when in the hallways, restrooms, or other public areas that members of the jury are not present before conversing.
  • Do not bring your medicine to courtDitto alcohol, weapons, or any illegal substances.
  • Do not come to court intoxicated.
  • Check the schedules posted on the court bulletin boards for the changes in times or room assignments.

It is important to keep in mind that not all courts have the same rules, or the same levels of enforcing those rules. But if you follow the above guidelines you can minimize the risk of “offending the court” or becoming the target of hostile court personnel, and at the same time, we are sending a powerful message of our own.  “We are here.  We are not going away.  It is not a Crime. Medical Marijuana is Legal.”


Here is an example of an official court rules which are typical of most courts:  EXAMPLE COURT RULES.
You can find more California State Court Rules @


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