Talking Points


If the public or the media should stop you, and ask you about your involvement what will you say?


It is important when thinking of your answers to the questions posed by the public or the media that you keep some key points in mind to better illustrate our goals.  Here are some suggestions that we think are important and reflect the nature of our organization:


  • Prop 215 passed 16 years ago and law enforcement and our elected officials are still  prosecuting legitimate providers.
  • We are tired of seeing families being torn apart, and lives ruined over medical marijuana.
  • We are upset at the priorities and object to the wasting of tax payer money, while public services and personnel are being cut.
    • Police preoccupation with busting marijuana providers and patients takes them away from solving real crime.
    •  Police often use violent SWAT tactics in raiding peaceful cannabis providers.


    And of course,


    • No-one should EVER go to jail for a plant


    It is important to keep in mind that we want our actions to reflect the seriousness of this situation.  Follow the above guidelines and you can help us achieve the best positive outcome.  As when we provide court support for medical marijuana defendants, we are sending a powerful message

    “We are here.  We are not going away.  It is not a Crime. Medical Marijuana is Legal.”

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