Shasta Chapter update Jan 6 2014

Howdy Joe and all fellow The human solution members,
It is 2014 and I am hoping for better luck this year, in January we have patients Michael Graves, Brent Beers, Robert Scordel, Jessica Benno, James Benno and Mr Whitehead in court in Shasta county along with many others because of the county’s hard line against MMJ  and in Tehama county Curtis Keaton, Lance Stenhouse and Rattana Phomsouvanh. and in Modoc county Elly Bass I am just starting to hear of happenings from this county.
As members of the human solution we here in Shasta are ready to help as best that we can any MMJ patients and anyone that finds them selves cornered because of a plant. we are trying to boost our member ship and ready our selves for what looks like is going to be a fight with the counties over our patient rights to obtain. Because we have basically lost safe accesses to MMJ in the northern counties in all most all of the communities. Shasta county is taking steps to ban all outdoor growing on parcels less then 10 acres with a max garden size of 24 plants on 80 acres or more.
your friend Curtis

Observations from Shasta Chapter



I find many if not most patients are puzzled at the amount of arrests and convictions.  They believe they are legal.  The people getting arrested must be doing something wrong.   Some cases make the news.  I have been like these people.  Involved with family, work, financially squeking by, seldom taking time to watch the news.  As a group, family, friend or ourselves are a patients taking even more of our time and energy.  But eventually, as this greedy mushrooming cancer in our society strikes family, friends or ourselves each one must decide how they will address this evil.  I am grateful for The Human Solution.  I’ve done court support, spoke at local government meetings, talked to lawyers and defendants, and given people fliers.   I’ve met allot of really great people.

Today we are making ribbons and writing letters.
Sometime ago a quilt project was mentioned.  I have a favorite quilt pattern.  It is called friendship, and may have been called Mayflower.  It has a block for a signature or message.  I would like to put the chapter names there.  Glad to share the pattern with others.
.          Jeanette Pringle, Shasta Chapter THS