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Parents, Pot, and Prohibition: Daisy Bram’s Story

Journey for Justice Daisy Bram

Daisy writes:
*sigh*….1st let me say that I cannot even begin to share the depth of what is in my heart as I think about the support & goodness of those that keep me & my family in their heart. Thank You. During sentencing (on tues. Jan 21) the judge read the names of those that mailed letters directly. wow. Thank You. I am humbled & grateful.
I am to turn myself in to the Butte County Jail by 5pm on Sat. Feb 1. At this point it is rather difficult to know exactly how much time I will be doing in custody. I am expecting the worst & hoping for the best.
Please keep me in your thoughts & hearts ever so much this week as I spend the days & nights readying myself to leave my family. I will be cooking, cleaning, organizing and preparing to be away from my babies for an unknown amount of time. Needless to say this is beyond a daunting endeavour- getting ready to leave my home and loved ones. I cannot believe that I will have to say good-bye to them.


Love. Light. Blessings.




How About Now?


I’m sitting here at my table kind of staring into space…..  so many disjointed thoughts and exhausted at the same time… I’m going to do this in one take, then one spellcheck and publish…. then I can get some 8:30 am, Judge Arthur Jean will rule whether I am granted OR as we are requesting or keeping bail set at a quarter of a million dollars or somewhere in between.  Last year on this date, I was sick with barely a voice housed in the twin towers in Los Angeles… one of the worst county facilities in the country.. I was trying to figure out how to get the hell out of there as $250k might as well been a million, my fundraising days for legal help is a thing of the past… it typically pays less than minimum wage and often much less… Fortunately, I had an angel (Kathie Z) tap her retirement and today I sit free. because of her…. turns out Bail is typically a year contract and can be renewed… I found this out the hard way and hopefully tomorrow will lead to a solution.

As I was gathering my thoughts, I received 2 calls from inmates in the federal BOP.. Craig Cesal, and JOHN CLEMENS II MARCINKEWCIZ (16252040). Craig is serving LWOP and has been a regular guest on our radio show… (SHHHHH) . We discussed the upcoming filming of our THS meeting by ARD German television. They are doing a story that is comparing the push toward cannabis legalization by Americans at the same time we have some of the harshest prison policies in the world. They are going to be filming THS in ACTion.. A host of POWs and family members will be attending and calling into our meeting. The crew will be filming the activities including putting the money that we raised at the Emerald cup on the inmates books…..  we will be also discussing upcoming programs involving our POWs…..
I looked at my corrlinks  and a message from  popped up. it was from GEORGE MARTORANO (12973004)  an inmate serving life without the possibility of parole I had just sent him an update of our activities and here is his response…bro,, all that you have relayed ,, just makes us pot-lifers –go on– for you and others fighting for legalization of pot ,make us sleep in and with hope, and ,, I pray you own legal problems go away for I know you are fighting this pot battle, wounded yet fight -on ,,, thank thee deeply ,, thy good bro always Georgie..
—–Greenstone, Evelynn on 12/17/2013 5:35 AM wrote:
It’s funny how after getting battered by apathy at the emerald cup and pummeled by finding out that the jury came back guilty on all counts for Daisy Bram Possession and cultivation felonies… the 2 child endangerment charges she was convicted of the lesser of the two charges….

Daisy was not taken into custody and sentencing is set for Jan 21…..   I cannot help but wonder if even 5% of the attendees of the Emerald cup or any other such activity put some thought and attention or even attended support for Daisy or any of the others willing to stand up and fight or help to provide legal council that this tide would change sooner than later. I was starting to fall into a funk…..  the bitter pill that most of the growers “representing” at the cup would likely put tail between legs and cop the deal like 90+ % do anyways…. as I’m choking on this, I look at the email and realize that each of us can make a difference in a lasting and contagious way! Every time another Kangaroo court convicts another the armchair warriors come out of the woodwork with their answers….. ” all you need to do is say ……………”    if you just…………  I suppose it is a test of patience and restraint…..  all at the same time, a new defendant calls from Michigan with another horrible travesty of justice and willing to fight…. in fact so much so that she is anxious to start a local chapter  and again in the same hour, someone that I spoke with also calls excited to get a chapter going in Lake County Ca……..

With head spinning hopefully, I can’t help but feel that the work we are doing is powerful and successful even when we don’t always see the results before our eyes. I know that if we all (those of us that actually want to end prohibition) decide to step up and stand together in some united fashion, public sentiment will prevail. It always does.We all have the freedom to make choices,  please make the decision to help with this unified effort! 
thank you for being a part of the solution

Joe Grumbine


Journey for Justice fills Daisy’s courtroom


.. We headed north on Friday.. Destination Emerald cup…. We had a table, a bunch of literature, raffle prizes and a bunch of new Prison outreach programs ready to launch.. We were so excited as members from at least 5 chapters were going to get together and educate and inspire……. My goal was to launch at least 2 new local chapters and have a huge meeting with as many members possible. Well, the house was packed and I was able to see in person many people that I had only met via social media or email til now…. Lake county was the first to step up and commit to forming a local chapter. then later, members from Santa Rosa pledged to launch a Sonoma chapter…. I can’t express how proud I am to see the value of our group grow and spread across the land. This family eager to educate and selflessly support each other as one by one more of us are willing to stand up for our liberty. Marcia Hoffman put us up in Berkeley, Angela Rose in Santa rosa, and the Korby’s in Oroville. We always seem to pitch in and make it happen as we need. I can’t count how many times after seeing someone that I haven’t seen in a while, I turned to Catrina and said. “I JUST LOVE HIM or HER” these folks have turned out to be solid in a way the word Family could only hope to represent. As far as the cup goes, the good news is that we did manage to raise over $700 for our POWs as a result of our “spin the wheel” and raffles….. we will be showcasing a video to show the pows receiving their commissary! that and all the THS members I was able to meet. We did sign up a few new ones as well… the rest ……… well suffice it to say, I think we’ll be focusing our energies toward a more receptive and willing demographic……. soapbox tour here we come!! Oh yeah and the international stage……………. We headed East to Oroville and landed at the Korby’s. In their usual gracious manner, we were treated as family and headed off to court for Daisy’s trial…. When we arrived, Daisy was attempting to bring in Chris Conrad as an expert witness. He was in town for another case and was willing to help in this trial. As it turned out, The judge denied his ability to take the stand an expert witness just like he did for Dr Allen. He also denied Daisy’s offer of proof that she had a valid recommendation at the time of the raid. Jayme resumed the stand and Daisy finished direct examination. On cross examination, The prosecutor was asking Jayme about statements that he had made to the detective (on a side note: Never talk to COPS….. Anything you say WILL be used against you …………) they were going on when suddenly, Jayme bursts out “THAT’S A LIE , I NEVER SAID THAT, I want to talk to my lawyer” shortly after, he got up and walked forward the door. He stopped short and sat down…. The judge excused the jury and called a recess. They showed Jayme a photograph of a cell phone and text messages on it……(on a side note, DON’T HAVE INCRIMINATING TEXT MESSAGES ON YOUR PHONE” The whole time Daisy tried to bring up points, the DA objected and the judge sustained… and denied Daisy when she tried….. The prosecution alleged that the 36 plants were a $100,000 crop and that the trimming machine posed a threat to the children. Their premise was that the children could have eaten some cannabis and gone into a coma requiring a spinal tap and a cat scan. The possibility of death also loomed nearby. …Jury instructions were abysmal. and no medical defense was to be allowed. Medical Cannabis was not to be mentioned.. DA Greson accused the supporters of being disruptive and talking to the defendant. (truth was, we were on good behavior) we were however admonished by the judge and threatened with contempt if we were caught trying to communicate with the defendant. At that same time, an undercover sitting in the opposite side of the gallery was seen taking pictures of supporters with his cell phone. The DA;s closing statement was painfully long and dreadfully boring. Daisy did a pretty good job. She addressed the jury by names and made herself real as a mother, she talked a little about her kids and how they have never been put in harm’s way. She went on to talk about the supporters and the judge cut her off stating that “we do NOT know who these people are nor why they are here and we are not going to find out. .on a good note, the DA did slip up and say “Medical Marijuana” one time when referring to the plants The final jab was when the judge referred to the trimmimg machine as dangerous and decided to leave it in the main court….. The jury has the trial and I can’t help but wonder if things might have been a bit different if even 5 percent of all the growers and consumers of cannabis from even 10 miles away would have showed up in solidarity and protested this travesty of justice and waste of taxpayers resources…. these trips really demonstrate what folks are really made of and I refereed to as an “angel trap” Thank you to everyone that has made it important enough to support our warriors Blessings, Joe Grumbine

Daisy Bram update Oct 10


Extremely important hearing today in the Closed Juvenile Dependency courtroom today. Today is a very critical day and there is an almost audible amount of pressure, on all sides.
The courtroom is closed so there will only be the judge, a dozen lawyers and Jayme & myself. Think about that for a minute…
It is beyond Beyond how crucial it is that you all keep our family in your thoughts and hearts today. Today is a day for Serious Meditation..prayer..what ever it is that you do..Do It.
Oh waxing moon, continue to shine your light on us. May the hearts of those in positions of decision feel the realness of our Love & Fierce protection, may they grasp the level of dedication and lend themselves to the light of the universe, touching our family in a way that is Tender and Mindful.

Strong seas make not a skilled sailor.
Know This: We are out here, and we are steady.
We Stand For You.

Love, Light, & Blessings.

Nor Cal update Oct 13

In Butte County Daisy On October 3rd in Butte County Superior Court Daisy Bram filed a
faretta motion and decided to represent herself Pro Per.
Daisy has also been granted the same motion in Tehama County appeared in court there October 7 @ 8am AND 130pm.
*Below is Daisy’s full calendar of court appearances in both Butte and Tehama County*
On October 3rd Tom and Donna Korby were fighting for justice with a pitches motion and an appeal to the 3rd district court of appeals to allow their motion to revoke the search warrant to be heard.
We have one upcoming court support scheduled In Sacramento County for
Shelby Lucero who is also pushing back against a media smear campaign and Sheriff raid on her legal collective.
She is to appear October 25th @ 8:30 am in Sacramento County Superior Court.

Daisy’s court schedule for October and November:

10-10 Thurs: Family Court, Oroville
10-15 Tues 10am: Final pre-trial, and motions, Red Bluff
10-16 Weds 8:30am: Clarification of counsel, Oroville
10-21 Mon 10am: Confirmation of Jury trial, Red Bluff
10-23 Weds–10-25 Fri: Jury trial (9am), Red Bluff
10-30 Weds 9am: continued Jury trial (if necessary), Red Bluff
10-30 Weds 8:30am: Motions, Oroville
(yes, she is double booked. This may change.)

11-12 Tues 1:30: trial readiness, Oroville
11-25 Mon 8am: starting day of Jury trial, Oroville
11-28 Thurs all day: Thanksgiving