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The Human Solution encourages Court support and we believe that if every court in America was filled with well behaved supporters and every trial was protested by peaceful protesters with a message of jurors rights, jury veto and jury immunity that juries would begin to become enlightened and refuse to convict without punishment non violent cannabis defendants.

We realize that it is often difficult to take time off work, pay costly fuel and parking costs and so many other reasons but some of us are moved to show up every chance we can. Some even travel long distances to do so and we believe this is worthy of recognition.

We are all fighting to end prohibition and are writing the history of it’s demise. Whether you have shown up one time to one trial or have dedicated your life to making the necessary change, we are all a part of this battle that has costed so many their freedom and even lives.

When the dust settles, we want the story to be told accurately and though it is impossible to “Keep score” of the contribution anyone has done to the movement we have decided to take note of the tireless effort of our “Green team” of court supporters.

We have created these “time cards” to log your footprint in the courtrooms and protests. Please download and print these support cards and have anyone that wishes to fill out. We are planning a unity celebration in the future and would like to adknowledge these contributions to our cause. We will continue to use whatever means necessary to promote the idea of unity and support and if an “attaboy” will bring even one more supporter to one courtroom then it’s worth it

Please send completed cards to                    link to download cards below

The Human Solution                                         courtsupportcredit

26521 Hammack Ave

Perris,Ca 92570

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