Rally Guidelines


The Human Solution’s goal in organizing a rally  is to reach out to as many people as possible with the intention of persuading them to stand with us in this battle.  It is important to remember that we are not only fighting the laws or the prosecutions with these gatherings, but are also fighting the stigma and stereotypes that the opposition paints us with. The image we present to the public can, and does, have an enormous impact on the effectiveness of our protests, and in some cases, it could even affect your personal safety.    This includes not only interactions with media, law enforcement or other officials, but with spectators, as well.

•    Be polite and pleasant.  Smile.  Meet people’s eyes, but don’t stare them down.   If you are disrespectful, rude or belligerent no one is going to want to listen to your message.  Smiling and meeting their eyes acknowledges them as a fellow human and can establish a common ground.  Do not try to stop people, but if they approach you and ask questions answer them politely, reach out to them.  Do not try to “sell” them, but be prepared with resources and information if they ask (see talking points).
    Do Not block or impede people.  Stay spaced out, 5 to 10 feet away from each other with your signs.  If you block people, or are otherwise physically obstructing the flow of the traffic, you are not only being rude but you are also putting yourself at risk of being arrested or even physically assaulted yourself.
•    Do not engage in disagreements or shouting matches with spectators or passersby. If someone says something offensive to you, try to move away or ignore them. 
    Dress appropriately. Be sure to wear clean neat clothing. If possible dress in business attire. Avoid t-shirts with vulgarities, bare midriffs or otherwise revealing clothing.

    If you have any interactions with law enforcement or security, maintain a polite and respectful tone. Pay attention to their instructions and comply with their requests immediately.  Avoid any outward negative reactions to their instructions as some might take this as a sign of disrespect.

    Do not bring your medicine. Ditto alcohol, weapons, or any illegal substances. Do not come to the rally intoxicated.

Our Rallies are NOT exercises in civil disobedience but ARE exercises of freedom of speech and public gatherings.  We DO NOT wish for any of our supporters to put themselves at risk of being arrested.  Likewise we strongly suggest that you do not medicate during the event, especially if you are on court premises.  We respectfully ask that if you do have to medicate, please put away your signs and remove yourself from the rest of the group.




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