Gordon (Steve) & Maria Green


Gordon (Steve) & Maria Green


Recently my husband (Gordon Green, goes by Steve) and I (Maria Green) have been hit with felony charges for possession of marijuana plants. This stemmed from an illegal search of my residence over a year ago while we were away and unable to give proof of our certification status. My lawyer called the police station the following day and, after being told that I was a state registered caregiver, the police said they would not be pursuing charges at that time. Now it seems that they have decided to bring charges against both of us for “delivery/manufacture of 5-45KG Marijuana” – a seven-year felony. I am a pregnant woman scheduled to give birth on February 27th. I also have a 6-year-old son along with 3 other step-children. I have been a medical marijuana caregiver since May of 2011 to take care of my husband with epilepsy and later that year became a patient myself when I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Cannabis has done amazing things in our lives and we have been very blessed to be able to provide cannabis to other patients in need. Despite the fact that we have provided proof of our certification status during the time of the “bust”, they have still refused to drop the charges. In my husband’s case there is a very clear Section 4 immunity being violated and the prosecution is breaking the law by allowing this case, and its punishments, to continue. He is being forced to drug-test for $100/month and will most likely be forced to give up the cannabis use that saves his life!

UPDATE 2-19-13

family2Our first circuit court appearance. We are praising God that the judge again did not mention my husband’s positive (for marijuana) tests, despite being told by several court officers that the judge will address this condition of his bond! Unfortunately, after an off-the-record discussion at the bench, the judge did say that he thought there was a conflict of interest and that he would not allow us to have the same attorney. Even though other married couples have been allowed to go the distance only paying one lawyer, we now have to pay 2, and for no apparent reason. Next hearing is pretrial on March 26th.

UPDATE 3-26-13

Pretrial adjourned to 4-5-13.

Update 4-5-13:66835_230920610381368_1566654470_n

No changes to bond today! Trial date set for July 15th 2013.
Updates to come with motion hearings.
Thanks for ALL the love & support!

Update 4-16-13

Got notice today of an upcoming bond hearing – not one that we requested – May 7th at 8:30am.


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