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Daisy Bram and her partner Jayme Walsh lived in Concow, near Oroville, Butte County California. Daisy and Jayme are firm believers in the all-natural approach. They grew medical marijuana inside the bounds of state law. Their recommendations were posted in their small garden. They have two sons, Thor and Zeus. Daisy studied midwifery and gave birth to Zeus at home. Both children are happy and healthy. Sept. 29 Butte County Inter-Agency Task Force (BINTF) raided their home and arrested both Daisy and Jayme for cannabis, taking their two sons– Thor then 15 months and Zeus was under a month old.

Officials tried and failed for five months to prove that cannabis had put the children at risk. Thor and Zeus were returned to Daisy and Jayme. The charges were dropped at preliminary hearing. Child abuse charges were refiled against Daisy for having THC in her breast milk. Daisy also takes Doctor prescribed Marinol, an identical synthetic THC compound approved by the FDA and federal government.
Daisy and Invictus

Daisy and Invictus

The children were returned and the family was working hard to recover from the trauma while fighting the child abuse charge. Daisy and her family moved to a neighboring county, only to have the children taken from her, this time by Tehama County. Since the removal of her two sons Thor age 2 and Zeus age 1 , she has given birth to another son, Invictus, who is just four months old.

Please bring my mommy back!

Please bring my mommy back!

The boys are in foster care, and Daisy gets only limited visitation. In recent visits she has found herself heartbroken, “My children were healthy and happy before they were grabbed from my arms, Now they are bruised, scratched and not clothed appropriately” she said after today’s supervised visit. “My son has a black eye and another has a chipped tooth” I don’t know what to do. I need to get my babies back. These children were healthy and happy in their own home. Now they are being bounced from home to home feeling isolated and confused.

When she arrived for an appearance in family court January 30, 2013 officers blocked her car in the parking lot and told her they were seizing it because it had been purchased with drug proceeds. They have now left the young mother without transportation, by taking her 2002 Ford Explorer, while her children are in foster care. In addition, she has been criminally charged in Tehama.

Donate to Green Aid specify "Daisy Bram"

Donate to Green Aid specify “Daisy Bram”

Los Angeles attorney Michael Levinsohn has taken the case pro bono, but is paying out of pocket to travel and pay any court costs.

You can Donate to Green Aid and specify “Daisy Bram” in the paypal notes to help cover those costs. Help Daisy and her Babies reunite.
The Human Solution has pledged it’s support in any way possible and now we ask you for help! Daisy is virtually all alone in this battle in rural central California. She needs an expert in CPS custody cases, a family law attorney, or anyone with experience in this area!

Live in California? Court support is essential in winning this case appeal. Please email Angela Bacca [email protected], she will put you in touch with organizational efforts for court support.

Do you use social networking? Add Daisy and Jayme as a friend to keep up with their status.

Letters and phone calls can be helpful too but please be professional and respectful. The unity of a family is at stake here and our tact and tone will have an impact.

Tehama County Dist Attorney:
Greg Cohen, D.A.
444 Oak St Room L                                                Background Story

Red Bluff, CA 96080                                              Additional Information

Child Support Services                                         Daisy’s Car Seized
Sharon Stone, Director
444 Oak St
Red Bluff, CA 96080
Ph 866 901 3212
Fax 530 527 5130


Please send information to [email protected]  or call or text 951-436-6312

Please Share this information! we are all only a few degrees removed.

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