THSi, Leap, George Martorano and the letter


A little while back LWOP POW George Martorano asked me if I was able to reach out to any law enforcement official active or retired also any elected official or anyone of influence in the justice system to write a letter on his behalf. It seems that the US attorney that is in charge of his case isn’t so hell bent on keeping George locked up for ever anymore.

As The Human Solution enters it’s next stage as an emerging 501c3, we are focusing a lot of energy on building and strengthening relationships with like minded groups such as Leap, Life for Pot, and November Coalition. I reached out to Diane Goldstein from LEAP Law enforcement against prohibition. She is a civil rights activist, a friend to the cause and a personal friend for years.

It took a minute but this evening I recieved this message from George via corrlinks!

hey Joe ..Diane from Leap ,came through for us ,,she sent a great letter to Whitehouse–pardon att.–and Eric holder…please tell her a huge thanks from me ,,and I will write her soon as I came a copy of it and the address and all ,,and something special fro her too from me ..ok and a big thanks to you for starting it all with her and Leap ..I pray freedom opens its’ arms with all the goodness we are laying at its’ feet you take can will call soon ,,thy good bro always ,,the caged writer that goes on..

All I can say is United we stand and as we unite, we become stronger…
The end of prohibition is getting closer and I thank Each of YOU that have decided to be a part of the SOLUTION

Joe Grumbine

I’m coming to Michigan!!

Hashbash is one of the oldest cannabis celebrations in America and it’s happening in Ann Arbor Michigan for the 43rd annual. 
Thanks to THS member Larry, I have stand by tickets leaving LAX 6:00am and arriving in Lansing at 3pm if all goes well, of course later if any of the flights are full.
The plan so far is to meet up with as many THS members on Friday afternoon/evening then we’re going to converge on Ann Arbor and hold a Rally/convention at the event. Stacey Theis and the Cannabus will be there and we’ll use this miracle vehicle as home base.
so far the 4 Michigan chapters will be converging as well as some of the forming ones as well. THS Kentucky and hopefully Ohio and who knows how many special guests will be joining us…
if you are at all able please plan to attend or let’s plan a Sunday Rally as well
We’re going to have a conference call tomorrow (Tues April 1) at 6pm pacific time to coordinate              please call in to 513-386-0000

and enter code: 300175

if you are unable to make this we’re doing it again Wed April 2 at 5pm pacific time
I’m hoping to meet as many of you as possible, launch as many chapters as possible, and help to coordinate our efforts! Please reach out to as many members as possible to make this a huge success!!
I need: a ride from the airport in Lansing
a place to sleep Friday and Saturday night
a place to gather and rally on Sunday morning/afternoon
finally a ride to the airport in Lansing by 6pm
I can’t wait to finally meet so many of the amazing Canna Warriors that I have been working with to end prohibition!!!!
see you then!


Joe Grumbine

Daisy Bram


Daisy Bram #154546
35 County Center Drive
Oroville, CA 95965

Free my babies Facebook Page

Daisy Bram Story


Parents, Pot, and Prohibition: Daisy Bram’s Story

Journey for Justice Daisy Bram

Daisy writes:
*sigh*….1st let me say that I cannot even begin to share the depth of what is in my heart as I think about the support & goodness of those that keep me & my family in their heart. Thank You. During sentencing (on tues. Jan 21) the judge read the names of those that mailed letters directly. wow. Thank You. I am humbled & grateful.
I am to turn myself in to the Butte County Jail by 5pm on Sat. Feb 1. At this point it is rather difficult to know exactly how much time I will be doing in custody. I am expecting the worst & hoping for the best.
Please keep me in your thoughts & hearts ever so much this week as I spend the days & nights readying myself to leave my family. I will be cooking, cleaning, organizing and preparing to be away from my babies for an unknown amount of time. Needless to say this is beyond a daunting endeavour- getting ready to leave my home and loved ones. I cannot believe that I will have to say good-bye to them.


Love. Light. Blessings.




David Chavez Sr


DAVID CHAVEZ SR # 63518-097
P.O. BOX 9

Register Number: 63518-097
Age: 55
Race: White
Sex: Male
Located at: Mendota FCI
Released Date: 10/14/2019

Bakersfield Marijuana Store Owner Sentenced to Four Years in Prison