Green Team Rally in Long Beach & Grumbine Update


Tuesday November 27th, 2012, the Green Team shows up at the infamous Long Beach court house.  With rally signs in hand and information ready for educating, Long Beach was sure to know the release of Joe Grumbine is way overdue!

As Grumbine left back to Twin Towers, the guards on the bus asked Grumbine, “Are all those people for you?”.  “Yes,” said Grumbine. “Are they all your family?”. Grumbine answered, “They are people from all over the world.”

The Green team has made their presence known in Long Beach and yes, support comes from all over the world.  Most supporters come from Riverside County, San Bernardino County, Orange County, and LA County, but there are supporters that come even farther.  Not to mention the spirits from all over the world too!  

Two weeks from the day of Grumbine’s arrest, the county attorney’s office is claiming other paperwork is still needed for the 4 million dollar house bond, offered by previous congressional candidate, Steve Collett.  The family is not going down without a fight, and is working hard on the additional documents requested.  The cruel act of punishing Grumbine because of personal grudge is out of line, but Grumbine’s support has kept him going.  Going on his third week in jail, with hopes of release soon, Grumbine and the family ask for prayers and thank the community, near and far, for the love and support.
Grumbine’s next scheduled court hearing is on December 11, 2012 at 8:30am.

Thanksgiving at The Grumbine’s- Message from Joe


Every year Thanksgiving is different at the Grumbine’s. For 16 years, the Grumbine’s have had an open house Thanksgiving with different faces, family, and friends gracing the table. But this year, one thing was noticeably different. No deep fried Turkey! hahaha That was a joke! Okay, all jokes aside for a minute.

Joe Grumbine, the turkey fryer and dinner prayer giver, did not get to physically spend Thanksgiving with the family this year; although he was there in lots of spirit and over the phone. The family told him Thanksgiving jokes, as he requested, while he spent Thanksgiving still educating and mentoring the other men inside Twin Towers.
The family even got to do a little educating of their own when a retired sheriff, neighbor, unexpectedly stopped by to say hi. When she left, the retired sheriff was enlightened and bought two solidarity ribbons to show her support.

But no fried turkey was not going to ruin the Grumbine’s Thanksgiving! Instead The Green Team Family celebrated with all the fixings; complimented with a Victory Fruit Salad and a Solidarity Cheesecake, Joe’s favorite!
The family ended the night, with a traditional bonfire down at the fire pit. Joe’s grandson, Jojo, kept the fire going; ninja throwing the sticks into the pit. Soon, the Thanksgiving turkey was putting people to sleep in random places and the night was coming to a close. Thanksgiving for Joe was a success!

AZ holds Car Wash for Grumbine


Even with a chance of rain in the forecast, Gregg Levendoski and three others of the Central AZ chapter, set up a car wash for The Human Solution founder, Joe Grumbine, in support of his surprise attack arrest Tuesday by Long Beach.   

The morning started off a bit slow, but the foursome kept their spirits up, not wanting to disappoint.  With rags in hand, they waited for their first customer.  Finally, the first car rolls up.  It is from Orange County and they get their first $20!  This starts the chain reaction of more $20′s, $10′s, and $5′s, with visits from other AZ members.

As 5pm rolled around, the car wash was done for the day.  Their total count; $204!  Then just a couple seconds later, a lady drives up and hands the group another $40!  Green Team AZ was ecstatic!

The car wash is going on all weekend, Sunday as well.  They ask for anyone in the area, to come get their car washed, as they help FREE JOE GRUMBINE!

“Please Join us this weekend as we gather to have our 1st, Central Arizona Chapter of the Human Solution fundraiser Car wash this weekend : SATURDAY and SUNDAY 9am to 5pm. We will be Hosted by AZ Growing . They are Located at Tatum Blvd and Greenway in the Safeway shopping center. The Car wash will be in the rear. Bring your energy and positive attitudes, buckets, rags and hoses. We will also be collecting food. Please bring non expired food. and if you do something you would eat.
Please share this post with others. We are happy to have you join us.”

The Human Solution gives their biggest thanks to the AZ chapter.  It is so wonderful to see all of the support going on all over the country!  We know Joe is humbled and forever grateful.

The Power of Support- Message from Joe


As Joe Grumbine spends the weekend in Los Angeles County Jail, he made sure to call with an update.  With $9.85 left on his communication line, he wanted to let everybody know the power of court support.  This is his message to everyone of The Human Solution:

“Today I was accused of having a good attitude because of all the support and love from out there.  Thank you.  You keep me smiling in a dark place.  I am so grateful to Steve.  Thank you to everyone for being the solution.”

The epic David and Goliath battle continues. In Long Beach’s notoriously corrupt court house, Jodi Castano pulled a dirty move and dooped Judge Arthur Jean into remanding Grumbine into custody.   Friday, Judge Arthur Jean said he felt “mislead” by Jodi and scolded her on her twisted lies of jurisdiction.

After coming back for the second day to hear the same bail hearing, Castano motions to Judge Jean that the money for bail needed to be investigated due to the “million dollars” made in the 8 months Byron and Grumbine operated their collectives.

Grumbine’s Attorney, Steve Narja, did not object and quickly came back at Castano with a house bond well over the $500,000 equity needed, offered by Steve Collett, previous congressional candidate of the 33rd district.  The judge approved the bond and the papers were handed over to Castano.  Belittled, Castano unwillingly agreed.

As Grumbine left the courtroom, he gazed the sea of green ribbon supporters, with a smile from ear to ear, almost running into the door as he exited.

As of now, the bond is on hold until Collett can get his house re-appraised, after being denied by the court for being four days too old.  The Grumbine and Green Team Family wait for Joe and hope for a quick release Monday.  So, as Judge Jean “cat naps”, Grumbine still sits in jail, finally getting a blanket, but no toothbrush…

Breaking News- Grumbine Calls from County



Since the  incarceration of Grumbine on Tuesday morning, no one, not even his family, has heard from him.  No one knew where he was or what he knew. Finally, well over 48 hours later, Grumbine reaches his family from County Jail in Los Angeles.  A relief was lifted off Grumbine’s shoulders when he finally heard the voices of his wife Liz, Stephanie Landa, and Kathie Z.   “He was so glad to hear we were okay.  His voice was strong.  He was hopeful”.

Grumbine has been thrown from room to room, with hundreds of guys.  Not even a blanket has been given to Grumbine since his ridiculous arrest.  Barely a couple hours of sleep and even kept out of the loop of his own bail hearings.

Here is an update from Stephanie Landa on the phone call from Joe:

Liz Grumbine and I and Kathie Zamanjahromi just hung the phone up from our first phone call from our Joe Grumbine we are so thrilled to hear his voice…He finally got to a phone to call us…he did not know what had happened to us and was so glad to learn we are safe…The first concern of his was to send everyone his love and he wanted us to be sure and tell everyone that he loves them…when we told him about Steve Collett putting his house up for him he said he was in tears…County Jail is horrible they have not given him a blanket yet….he has been there since tuesday no blanket…and believe me county jail is freezing maybe someone like Diane Wattles Goldstein has some connections in county and can get good guy Joe a blanket…