Support needed in Modesto


Linnzi Elk was operating a mmj delivery service when a routine delivery turned into a nightmare. The card carrying patient that requested meds be delivered turned out to be an undercover narc and before she knew it, She was arrested, her home raided in full military style complete with assault weapons and her 10 year old son was rescued from being taken into cps custody by her mom.

Bail was set for $300k and Linnzi was taken from county jail to arraignment in Modesto where no one showed up in support. No one was there but her mom to witness her without even a public defender while the presiding judge entered her plea of not guilty without even giving Linnzi a chance to speak for herself again with no one there to offer support or witness the event.

Linnzi is back in court thursday July 12 for a preliminary hearing where it will be decided if this case moves forward to trial.

This is a call out to the Activists and advocates in Stanislaus county and especially in Modesto. Please come out and show support for Linnzi. She has no previous criminal history and is willing to fight for her freedom. This is a noble act and worthy of support! This has been a bad month for raids and as more of us fall as pows in the “War on Drugs” our only real hope is that we rise up in support and demand a stop to the madness that destroys the lives of good (non violent) people and the families and loved ones as well. Let’s show up in numbers with our best behavior and solidarity ribbons worn proudly! Please send details if you or a loved one has a case that needs support. together we can bring about a world with Justice and Liberty for all!