Know Your Rights Garden Summit – A Problem-Solving Forum for Cannabis Consumers.


On Saturday, June 30 beginning at 10 a.m. 

medical marijuana patients and the general public is invited to participate in the

Know Your Rights Garden Summit - A Problem-Solving Forum for Cannabis Consumers.


Legal Questions or Problems? Confused on Current Laws? Have you been arrested or want to know how to prevent arrest? Are you and your family being threatened by Children’s Protective Services? Are you at risk of property seizure due to a compliant patient garden? Are you a dispensary operator or a patient with questions?


Featuring an interactive problem-solving panel with three skilled and knowledgeable attorneys and three long time medical marijuana activists discussing California medical cannabis laws, loopholes and litigations, it is the perfect place to get some good advice and get those important unanswered questions answered.


Panelist include: Matt Pappas – attorney, Jason Thompson – attorney, Chuck Feraro – attorney, Bill Brit – Court Expert,Mara Felson,-attorney, Leticia Pepper,Attorney, Eugene Davidovich – activist and Lanny Swerdlow, RN. The forum is presented by Californians for Local and Safe Alternatives, The Human Solution and the Marijuana Anti-Prohibition Project, a grassroots coalition of medical marijuana and marijuana law reform organizations. and many more!



The Know Your Rights Garden Summit is being held at the Willow Creek Springs Botanic Garden at 26521 Hammack Ave. in Perris 92570. It is the perfect place to spend a summer day. Admission is free. A BBQ lunch will be available for a small donation. The number of chairs available for seating is limited so organizers suggest bringing your own chairs or blankets.

For more information, send an email to: or call 909-253-3675.

Proponents of permitting medical marijuana dispensaries in Lake Elsinore are holding a town hall meeting Thursday featuring some of the leading advocates and commentators on the legalization issue.


Proponents of permitting medical marijuana dispensaries in Lake Elsinore are holding a town hall meeting Thursday featuring some of the leading advocates and commentators on the legalization issue.

Sponsored by We the People for Common Sense in Lake Elsinore, the forum is scheduled to run from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Diamond Club in The Diamond minor-league baseball stadium, 500 Diamond Drive, in Lake Elsinore.

We the People leader Wayne Williams said the talk, for which there is no charge to attend, is designed to be educational as well as a vehicle for gauging support for the organization’s campaign to allow medical marijuana distribution facilities in the city.

“We’re really trying to educate the most important groups in the community —- individuals concerned about law enforcement, mothers, the health community,” he said. “That’s why we’ve tapped into all these speakers, as well as representatives of the veterans community. We think this town hall meeting will definitely advance education to more groups in the community.”

Scheduled speakers are:

Neill Franklin, executive director of Massachusetts-based Law Enforcement Against Prohibition;

Charles Monson, founder of Wheels of Mercy;

Robert Platshorn, founder of The Silver Tour;

Joe Grumbine, founder of The Human Solution;

Riverside County attorney Tom Eckhardt;

Gretchen Burns Bergman, executive director of A New PATH;

Dr. David Bearman, a physician and public health administrator;

Michael Krawitz, director of Veterans for Medical Marijuana Access;

Activist and author Ed Rosenthal.

“None of them are going to cheerlead for our agenda,” Williams said. “That’s not the point. I wanted to make sure the community had an opportunity to hear from some of their contemporaries in various fields.”

The public will be able to ask questions and voice their sentiments, Williams said.

The meeting coincides with We the People’s petition drive to gather signatures in support of an election asking voters if they would pass an ordinance allowing a limited number of medical marijuana dispensaries in Lake Elsinore. Such facilities are now prohibited.

A similar petition launched by Williams and supporters in 2010 failed to generate enough signatures among Lake Elsinore voters to require the city to hold an election.

The group plans a much more vigorous effort this year, he said, with the town hall being a springboard for the campaign.

“Let’s say the community comes out and they’re 100 percent against it —- what’s the point of doing a ballot initiative?” Williams said. “But I know the majority of the community will support it as long as there’s reasonable guidelines in place.”

Court Support Now


Court Support Now

By Joe Grumbine, Defendant


At a time when everybody is distracted by mere survival, it’s hard to imagine how you can change the world.

In fact, the easiest and most powerful thing you can do as an activist is show up in court.  By just showing up to bear witness, you empower the defendant, you hold the judge accountable, you give the defense attorneys a chance to shine and you knock the prosecutor off his game.  All that can add up to the magic words: “Not guilty.” Or, “In the interest of justice, case dismissed.”

I know,I’ve seen it happen.

I’ve seen a man’s anguish turn to resolve at the sight of twenty people wearing solidarity ribbons show up at his trial.  I saw him take the stand and speak with confidence as he testified on his own behalf.  I watched his lawyer stand a little taller.

I’ve seen a prosecutor clench his jaw repeatedly and drop his head into his hands in frustration.  I’ve seen a prosecutor beg the judge to make the ribbons go away.  It felt pretty good to watch the judge say they could stay.

I’ve seen people who never met before bond as lifelong friends over cafeteria lunches, or ride-sharing, or straining forward on a hard wooden bench to try to hear what the prosecutor was saying.  I’ve seen fellowship and camaraderie develop around trying to understand the unfamiliar and intimidating language of the courtroom.

A Day in the Life of A Court Supporter

Woke up, got out of bed, dragged a comb across my head…

The court support experience seems unremarkable at a glance.  It’s not high drama.  It’s just doing a job that needs doing.


It starts with a decision to take action.  I set a day aside to do something for the cause.  I wake up at 6 o’clock.  I get dressed in my Sunday Best and pick up four or five friends.  We grab a cup of coffee and we drive.  In the car we talk about the case.  Arriving at court, we begin to spot familiar faces and the welcome sight of green solidarity ribbons.  Walking up the steps, one by one.  Standing in the security line, a few more.  I know I’m not alone.

Going through security, the bailiff always asks, “What’s the ribbon for?”  I say, “I’m here to support medical marijuana patients and defendants in court.”  It’s always a friendly exchange.  Everywhere I go, somebody asks about the ribbon and I get a chance to educate another citizen.


Educating Citizens is Educating the Jury Pool

The jury needs to know how much power they have.  A jury has the power to do the right thing.  Just one juror has the power to do the right thing.  Every juror has the power to vote his or her conscience.  The ultimate power is in the hands of the jury.  A jury has the right to overturn a law without fear of repercussion.

Court support also serves to remind a jury that they have the power to overturn a law- any law- no matter what the judge tells them about having to follow it.  It’s called “jury nullification.”  Jury nullification has its roots in fugitive slave laws and occurs when a jury refuses to convict a defendant charged with a crime under a “bad law”.

If the juries acquit, they can overturn a law itself.

It only takes one juror.

Are you the one?

Court support is spreading around the nation.

If every cannabis case had an overflowing courtroom, prohibition would be over.

Suit up, show up, shut up, turn your cell phone off and… you too can change the world.

Solidarity Ribbon

Wear the green solidarity ribbon to let the world know you believe in marijuana as a medicine and support the rights of medical marijuana patients.

Ribbons are handmade with love and compassion by the Human Solution volunteers.  Proceeds from this ribbon support legal defense funds and medical cannabis education.  Get your solidarity ribbon FREE by attending court support with the Human Solution.

The Power of One….. The Jason Andrews trial



I am often accused of putting people down for not participating in the anti-prohibition movement (enough.) the truth is that I’m really not putting anyone down but rather, I have become aware of how much good (or harm) one person is capable of doing.

This past week Jason Andrews was on trial for possession with intent to sell and transportation of a controlled substance. He had a DPH card both as a patient and a caregiver. In addition he had set up a nonprofit collective in accordance with the “AG guidelines” I notices several striking examples of the power that one person willing to ACT can accomplish.

Jason Andrews decided when the Orange County’s DA filed criminal charges on him for an action that is supposed to be protected by California Law to exercise his right to a trial by a jury of his “peers” rather than take a plea deal that would subject him to the perils of probation including random searches, urine tests, and other assaults on personal freedom.

The biggest risk to taking a probation “deal” is that if the defendant gets violated, prison time is almost a certainty. Even at the day of trial when the prosecutor offered a misdemeanor and half of his seized money returned, Jason stood tall and decided to fight for his freedom. The power of one…

The first 2 days of the trial the prosecution presented their case and little to no support was present for the defendant. I received the call and reached out every way I knew. Jason was ready to bow and take the deal but it had been rescinded. The “Green Team“ appeared out of thin air wearing signature “solidarity ribbons” and the tone of the trial changed. Jason was testifying as we arrived and along with the judge and prosecutor quickly noticed our presence. In the hall on a break, Jason and Chris (Glew) thanked me for rallying the troops again, the power of one… (Simple action)

The power of one isn’t always used for good; in fact many times our biggest foes come in the form of individuals rather than groups. A judge in most cases wields nearly unlimited power, a “god” in their domain capable of stripping a citizen of his freedom with a few words.

In this trial, Judge Daphne Sykes Scott allowed the medical defense to be presented according to California Prop 215 and SB 420. Then, when the time for jury instructions came around, removed them all. Leaving the jury with no choice but to convict. Although this is an appealable action it was despicable to say the least.

Finally, the ultimate power of one without the authority of a badge or elected title, the juror is the one example when a citizen has the power to avert an unfair conviction even in an extreme situation such as this trial. In a very tense moment, the jury foreman sent a note to the judge complaining of juror #8’s unwillingness to cooperate with the rest of the panel. She claimed that he brought into the deliberation outside information separate from the evidence brought before the court.

We (the supporters in the gallery) all gritted our teeth as the judge asked Juror #8 questions regarding his behavior. If he was removed and an alternate was placed, a conviction would have certainly been the result.

Calmly juror #8 answered the judge and it was apparent that he shouldered the weight of his burden. Miraculously, judge Daphne Sykes Scott allowed juror #8 to return where he exorcised his power to nullify bad jury instructions and refuse to convict an innocent man.

Everyone held back cheers but shared the defendant’s elation as the judge announced the jury was hopelessly deadlocked, and a mistrial was the outcome. I shuddered as I looked at the 11 jurors willing to convict an obviously innocent man under the crushing influence of the judge. It could be any one of us. Fortunately this time justice was served thanks to the willingness of one courageous individual wiling to exercise his power as a juror.

On a side note, to anyone that thinks they know how the justice system works or how the law “protects us” yet has not sat in a trial I can assure you “things aren’t what you think” Come take a few hours and show support. It will not only open your eyes to the broken system that is supposed to interpret our laws and protect our rights, but also bring vital support to a worthy defendant because

No one belongs in jail for a plant!

Are You Wearing Your Solidarity Ribbon?

Steve DeAngelo Sporting The Solidarity Ribbon

Steve DeAngelo Sporting The Solidarity Ribbon

The Solidarity Ribbon Strikes Again!

The Human Solution member/activist Rory Murray recently “pinned” Harborside Clinic operator Steve DeAngelo at the Unity Conference in Sacramento, CA. A busload of Inland Empire medical cannabis campaign workers made the trip, including renowned activist Lanny Swerdlow, the host of the Marijuana and Compassion and Common Sense talk show Monday at 6PM on KCAA radio, who broadcast his radio show from the bus on it’s return trip from the conference.

Get the fashion accessory that all of the hippest of the hep cats are wearing this season! Show your Solidarity with the cause of cannabis law reform and amnesty!