The Human Solution comes to the aid of disabled veteran


The Human Solution
Comes to the aid of disabled veteran
(Parky Parkhouse Vietnam Vet and Medical Cannabis Patient)

Throughout his life, Parky Parkhouse his life has battled ailments
such as crushing injuries to his back and arms causing him to suffer
from debilitating pain for many years. Mr. Parkhouse served in active
combat duty during the Vietnam War and was injured during combat.  He
also suffers from a permanent work related injury.

Parky received medical attention from the Veterans Administration, but
still things got rough for the Parkhouse family a few years ago. Mr.
Parkhouse and his family were forced to cash out their 401 K simply to
keep up with regular bills.. The Veterans Administration office got
wind of that and determined that Parky was making too much money to
give him the same level of medical treatment, so he was forced to pay
for what had been previously been a veteran’s benefit..

The Veterans Administration figured out that Mr. Parkhouse had cashed
in his retirement, so by their records he made more money than he was
allowed to receive. The benefits from the Veterans Administration
office for Parky was a consistent regimen of cortisone* shots that
allowed him to function and move with less pain. Because of the
financial misunderstandings and lack of compassion from the Veterans
Administration the V.A. refused to give Parky his medicine.

Mr. Parkhouse faced more harsh times when he ultimately lost his job
because of being a medical cannabis patient, despite his legal
status under  California Medical Cannabis laws (Prop. 215 H&S420).

Parky began to show up to The Human solution meetings noticeably in
pain. Some members inquired what was going on.  He let them know and
without putting it to a formal vote or without making it an official
Human Solution action two members stepped up pulled some money out of
there pocket and said, “here pay the VA, get your treatment and don’t
worry about it.”
Parky is now able to benefit from the VA’s office as he should have all along.

“The wonders of strength, unity and compassion, the solution truly
lies within each and every one of us.”

Easter in paradise


Easter in paradise

(Willow Creek Springs)

Written by: The Midwest Branch of The Human Solution

With the current harsh times it is hard to find some peace of mind. You just have to look in the right place. For years… 17 to be exact there has been a place right in our own back yard. Where friends and family are one in the same, family generations began and continue to grow each year. Where traditions are not forgotten, this place is Willow Creek Springs Annual Easter Celebration.

The Unity amongst family and friends some new and some old, some just meeting for the first time and others have known each other all their lives. The strength, hope and healing we provide each other is like no other.

A celebration of life, healing and family was in the air as we sat down for Easter dinner! All the families brought different foods. Everything from Ham and pine-apple with some crab salad and fresh fruit and for appetizers we had clams and oysters! After dinner there were two Easter egg hunts! One was for the kids while the sun was still up and another for the adults at sun down. Everyone had so much fun and the “grown-ups” found there inner kid again. Laughter and smiles were all you could hear and see. People are still finding eggs and will most likely continue to find them through-out the year.

Thank you The Human Solution & Green Team for all your love and compassion to so many! This was truly an Easter Paradise!

It’s official: Former OC Weekly cover story icons Joe Byron and Joe Grumbine are no longer convicted felons.


Both men were operators of a pair of Long Beach marijuana dispensaries as well as Garden Grove’s Unit D collective that were raided in Dec. 2009; they were convicted of pot sales in a Dec. 2011 trial that ended with the presiding judge, Charles D. Sheldon, dismissing himself from the case after sending a congratulatory letter to the prosecutor–just the latest evidence of his overwhelming bias, (see “Judge Charles D. Sheldon is Captain Kangaroo, Dec. 22, 2011). But today, acting on a motion for a new trial by defense attorneys Christopher Glew and Allison Margolin, Long Beach Superior Court Judge Joan Comparet-Cassani threw out the two men’s convictions, awarding them the right to a new and hopefully fair trial.

You can read the rest of this story by Nick Shau @ OC Weekly