Undercover Cop Entices, Seduces then Entraps High School Teen


“One 18-year-old honor student named Justin fell in love with an attractive 25-year-old undercover cop after spending weeks sharing stories about their lives, texting and flirting with each other.

One day she asked Justin if he smoked pot. Even though he didn’t smoke marijuana, the love-struck teen promised to help find some for her. Every couple of days she would text him asking if he had the marijuana. Finally, Justin was able to get it to her. She tried to give him $25 for the marijuana and he said he didn’t want the money — he got it for her as a present.

A short while later, the police did a big sweep and arrest 31 students — including Justin. Almost all were charged with selling a small amount of marijuana to the undercover cops. Now Justin has a felony hanging over his head.

We often hear that we need to fight the drug war to protect the kids. As these despicable examples show, more often the drug war is ruining young people’s lives and doing more harm than good.”

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Joe Grumbine (951) 436-6312

ATM Placements Offers Lower Use Fee While Raising Money for Good Cause


The Human Solution, a non-profit organization founded to support medical marijuana patients and to develop court and legal support for medical marijuana defendants, is introducing a unique way for Collective and Cooperative operators to raise money for our industry.

The Cashless ATM machine was introduced to the Medical Cannabis Caregivers Training Program several years ago by ATM Placements. The benefit of the Cashless ATM is that there are no sign-up requirements, and no merchant service charges because it is an instant electronic money transfer.

The competitive $2.10 fee paid by a Collective Member for the use of the ATM includes a donation of fifty (50) cents (25% of the ATM fee) to support the work of The Human Solution in developing court and legal support. As the actual transaction amount is transferred to the Collective’s account, 50 cents of the ATM fee is deposited into the Human Solutions ATM Fundraising Trust Account.

The ATM monthly report shows what funds are coming from which Collectives. Joe Grumbine states that he has had an enthusiastic response from Collectives and Cooperatives that are interested in participating in the ATM fundraising project.

Steve Leon, of the Highland Park Patients Collective, located at 5716 Figueroa Avenue in Highland Park, kicked off the ATM Fundraising campaign on February 4, 2012. Leon states “Collectives need to start supporting each other, especially those fighting on the front lines”

Participants in the ATM fundraising project receive an Honorary Plaque from the Human Solution. According to Grumbine, “whether the Collective chooses to support the Human Solution or another organization, we are hopeful that this project will help to generate much needed funds.”

Arlo Andrade


“THE BLOOD RIVER FLOWS GREEN 4:20 A.M February 16, 2012
CANNABIS… It has many different names: Marijuana, Mary-Jane, Molta, Gonja, Kush, Dro, Bubba Kush, Skywalker Kush, Royal Kush, ect. and probably the most important name is Medicine. Yet having Cannabis assosciated as medicine is still unfortunately to taboo In most states. This needs to change!

Hello, my name is Arlo. I am PROUD to say I’m a medicated stoner. Marijuana has saved my life in a number of ways and when I say saved my life I really mean saved my life. This is how… when I was born I was born HIV+ so my life has been one hell of journey. I’m 25 now and about 10 years ago was when I first started smoking pot. I didn’t catch on right away how it was taking away my stomach pain and knee, joint, and muscle pains. I think that was mostly because I was so absorbed in a cloud of depression and anxiety along with a lovely friend, drug addiction. That friend is long history though.

The depression and anxiety stemmed from being born HIV+. I say that because I found out for my- self that I was sick when I was about 7 or 8 years old. The day I found out I was HIV+ was the day I feel my child hood ended. Life got kinda rough as I got older and went into public schools. Kids weren’t to cool with me being sick and they definitely let me know too. So with all this going down with school mates being jerks and just plain cruel and adjusting to learning the fact that I’m seriously sick and could die easily is a lot for a young teen ager to take on. So I began to hate my- self and my life and thought that I was worthless, that with a disease like this who could love me. I was just plain miserable. I was a cutter and suicidal because I thought there was no future for me, no life to live, any dreams you may have probably won’t happen. But when I started smoking Marijuana it really saved me mentally. Marijuana helped to keep me sane when I was struggling in the dark caves of my mind. The Cannabis was my light through the cave and brought me to safety. I get down an out sometimes now and then but that’s about it… But don’t we all get a lil down an out from time to time? What I’m saying is I give full credit to cannabis and both my family here in Chicago and my new family in California The Human Solution for helping me make it possible to not have such severe depression.

As I got older closer to 17,18 years old was when I really began to understand and feel the medical benefits from Marijuana. Mainly because I decided that’s all I’m gonna use. So that’s all I’ll feel. The first thing I noticed was how amazingly quick it starts to work especially with stomach pains. One of the symptoms of HIV is severe stomach pain of all kinds it’s a buffet of stomach pain and most morning I can barely stand up straight until I smoke because my stomach will hurt so bad. When I wake “n Bake though im good to go. I’m able to eat and keep my found down as well as not have my stomach be hurting so bad you just can’t stand it and it’s all because of a little green plant named Cannabis. It’s so awesome! Cannabis can heal you in ways that no Over the counter can.

The most recent way Cannabis has helped save my life. I was battling a strong addiction with opiates and with-drawls from that are a nightmare! I had to break the chains and I had to do it at home with my remedies for an appropriate detox. Which was Lots and Lots of Cannabis and minimal help from pharmicuticles. Today I no longer use any substance other than the random 1 or 2 drinks. Cannabis is not a substance to me that word has to much stigma. Cannabis is my medicine and my medicine is saving my life as well as many others.

My goal is to do my part to return the favor. Since this little green plant has saved me and enriched my life in a number of ways I gotta do anything and everything I possibly can help LEGALIZE and FREE THE WEED! I have decided to dedicate the rest of my life to the plant and all I ask in return is when I do die is that my body gets grown into a cannabis plant !
For anything to change we need as many voice’s as possible. We need an army, a 420 army! The more people who stand up for there rights and speak up the more we’ll be heard. I know im tired of this bullshit weed war excuse me but it is bullshit, arnt you? Check out The-Human-Solution.org for all kinds of excellent information. You can never be to educated with this and there is always something new to learn.


Im dreaming my own dream and Thanks to Cannabis my dreams are now coming true!

Thank you for reading. I hope you have takin something from this article and that it has been of help in some way. I know writing has helped me. A big thank you and shout out to my Human Solution family! I love you all!

Keep on shmokin toking and choking! One day FREEDOM will be legalized.


I hope you like it. again any changes that need to be made please let me know. I’ll get on it asap.

Much Love,
The 420 Apprentice