Steve and Mary Bunn’s Story




Steve & Mary rented an unattached barn to a collective in Wildomar, CA. They did not have access to this rental property.  The renter was Chris Yap, who is the president of Human Kindness Center. The collective’s medicine was grown on this rental property.  The grow was locked and inaccessible to the couple’s children.  The grow was a legal collective under the Prop. 215 law. But the Bunn’s property was raided. Immediately after the raid on their property, the police visited the collective and talked with Mr. Yap. They conceded that the Human Kindness Center was indeed a legal collective and did not file any charges against Chris Yap. Mr. Yap questioned why they had arrested the Bunn’s and was told the arresting officers were instructed by the than DA, Rod Pettrock to arrest them all and to allow the court to separate the guilty from the innocent.


The Human Solution were there in great numbers for the sentencing of these young parents of two innocent children, but our appearance at the Larson “Justice” Center in Indio did little to warm the heart of Judge James Hawkins, as he sentenced Steve to 18 months in Prison and Mary 80 days in Jail.

This at a time when the Supreme Court has ruled that California MUST release 40,000 Inmates from the overcrowded Prison system.


To add insult to already injured couple, multiple fines, fees and penalty assessments were added.

Thousands of dollars worth. They can’t afford this. They shouldn’t have to endure this in “the land of the free”. Nobody should. Let’s FREE Mary & Steve Bunn!

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Chris Yap can b contacted at (619) 709-3444


Challenging the DEA’s War on Medical Marijuana


 The first line says it all, but the entire article is worth the time to read, and share.

By Conor Friedersdorf Jul 13 2011, 2:17 PM ET-

The federal agency insists it has no legitimate use. So are all the cancer, glaucoma, and multiple sclerosis patients lying?


“Though most people don’t know it, there is precedent for suing the federal government for access to medical marijuana and winning. On the verge of going blind in his early twenties, the late Robert C. Randall turned to marijuana after discovering that it relieved the symptoms of his glaucoma. It worked. In order to maintain a supply, he grew marijuana on his Washington D.C. sun deck. Police arrested him. “I argued that any sane person who knew they were going blind, who knew that marijuana would prevent them from going blind, would break the law to obtain marijuana,” he recalled. Surprisingly, the courts agreed, and soon afterward, he began receiving marijuana legally from the federal government, a fact he publicized, resulting in the termination of his supply.

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Discovery Hemp


The Human Solution spent a beautiful day in California as we reached out to the community in gorgeous Balboa Park in San Diego, and a few hours north we had lovely volunteers working hard to share the Solidarity Ribbon and education in Los Angeles’ larger venue at the Anaheim Kush Festival.

We’re growing so much that we’re typically at more than one place on any given weekend, so if you find yourself enjoying California’s weather and feel like taking a stroll, visit our Calendar and see where we are. We would love to meet you! Stay apprised of The Human Solutions adventures and befriend the Solidarity Ribbon on Facebook!


Our organization is growing and new friendships are being forged every day. We love creating unity in the community! And we love to hear from the community! If you can’t make it out to see us – talk to us online! Tell us your story! Give us your opinions! Or just join a conversation with others in your cannabis community! Share your photos! Show us your Solidarity Ribbon! To see more photos from this event, please visit our photo albums on our Facebook page – where our activities are constantly being updated!

Thanks to James Stacy and all of the volunteers from THS! Mr. Stacy informed us that this is the third Discovery Hemp, and we were a bit sad to see most of the seats empty and too many vendors did not show up – but I know that next year will be different, next year will be so packed that if you’re lucky you might just get a spot! We were given the entire back side of the inside of the Balboa Park Club, it was a beautiful little spot with perfect parking, and of course the acres of Balboa Park just begging for you to walk around and enjoy.

When you enter the front, a grand fountain and beautiful mural welcoming you to a huge back room full of windows with views of the park all around, the bridge is just outside to the right, and the park’s glory in every direction. It was a perfect venue.

There were venders inside with us that had baked goods, cannabis and lots of hemp items of course! Media poked their heads in and we enjoyed the live entertainment, and speakers through out the day. Balboa Park is a perfect venue to educate and reach out to the public at large, families and people that need to hear from us were plentiful, and we plan on being back very soon, soap boxes in hand. So keep your eyes on us!

Couple Sentenced in Indio Court for Marijuana Grow –


Medical marijuana advocates from across California came to support the family at the Indio courtroom.

Steve and Mary Bunn are in tears about the future of their family, and afraid being in jail when their four year old son starts kindergarten.

Mary Bunn said, “I really am just scared for him, I just want to be able to be a mom to him.”

Steve Bunn said, “We just want to be with our son, and right now that’s all I worry about, I just want to be there to support my family.”

A jury found them guilty of growing marijuana on their property… But the Bunns say they were renting that shed to a man with a medical marijuana license, Chris Yap, founder of Human Kindness Center.

You can read the entire story, and watch the video @ Palmsprings

The Beginning of the End for Medpot in Long Beach? – Long Beach Post


by Greggory Moore
The opening salvo in trying to eradicate medical marijuana in Long Beach may have been fired as far back as Dec. 17, 2009 — just as the city was crafting its second draft of the ordinance that would soon codify the legality of medical marijuana collectives within city limits — when Long Beach police raided the 4th & Elm Natural Health Collective and the 2200 Health Collective, a pair of “enforcement actions” (as they called them at the time) contemporaneous with a raid at the Unit D collective by police in Garden Grove.

That week, as a writer for The District Weekly, I was on the phone with the Long Beach Police Department about these busts, wondering if they might be related to L.A. County District Attorney Steve Cooley’s theory that all cash sales of medical marijuana are unlawful. “The enforcement action of Dec. 17 was not taken against nonprofit medical marijuana establishments making sales only to qualified patients with doctors’ recommendations,” said Sgt. Gina Zapalski, a public information officer at that time

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