The Butterfly effect


A few well placed words

I am beside myself with how well a couple of minutes researching, a few phone calls, and just a couple of people willing to get up and take a bit of action could make a difference! In a quest to make the world a better place by educating and communicating to the community, elected officials, and law enforcement I searched for town hall meetings taking place. It is a lot less work to attend an existing meeting than to create and host such an event. Quickly I discovered one involving the local police. The meeting was happening in 24 hours I called the movers and shakers in my group and the communication began.
The next day 4 of us wearing ribbons and smiles walked into a room full of strangers. This was a planned, advertised event with press release and everything. Several facilitators and 2 local police. We were informed that this was a closed meeting and that there was to be no press or cameras. “What happens in the meeting stays in the meeting” I am keeping the details anonymous for this reason. The discussion began with some icebreakers and finding similarities among members. We then broke into groups and we had 2 members in each. This meeting was intended to give attendees an action item to try and connect the community with law enforcement and was held with a pretty tight reign. It was clear that we were not going to be able to take over the conversation overtly.
With a friendly disposition and well placed words, we were able to make our advocacy known and the problems law enforcement and elected officials acknowledged by both the officers and the facilitators. One participant brought up her experience with the local court as a travesty and the corruption was discussed again. By the time the meeting was finished several people including the sponsors of the event asked for our The Human Solution’s information and when were we going to be hosting another “Town hall meeting” and in fact I received a request for more information this morning to that regard. As a grass roots movement we need to seek alliances wherever we can and if we can establish a personal connection with just 1 police officer or elected official, it can prove valuable in future endeavors. I am sure that even though we did not change an ordinance or law with this action, we did ring the bell and the butterfly effect is in motion. Our goal of these town hall discussions and open dialogue with elected officials and law enforcement is more a reality than yesterday.
The best part of this is none of us burned up or turned into toads.

Cultivation Workshop with DJ Short


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Start your weekend off right this Saturday April 9th. at 10.30 am, on a private 2 acre botanical garden that is Willow Creek Springs. Enjoy coffee or tea, and learn from the foremost authority on aquaponics, JP Poseidon. Gather gardening tips from expert organic gardener, Joe Grumbine. Enjoy an hour with the renowned feminized seeds breeder, and author of Modern Chemistry, Clark Metcalfe!

With JP Poseidon’s 3 hour Introduction to Aquaponics you’ll learn basic concepts and ideas of the different types of aquaponic systems, and the 3 main components; fish, plants, and bacterias. Learn water quality, stocking densities, setup and design, irrigation, drainage, water cycle times, what pumps to use and not to use. Learn how to use organic fertilizers, worms and compostings, what grow containers to use, what to use to combat pests, IPM, and much more.

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Enjoy “Methods of Ingestion” with Sarah Diesel. A lady that gives whole new meaning to High Society. Her lifestyle magazine for cannabis connossiuers is bringing a more sophisticated perspective on the once taboo plant. Sarah is also well known for her “Pin Up’s for Patients” Calendar, which a little bird told us she just might have with her!

Enjoy the casual atmosphere around the fire, stay for Dinner with Don Duncan, cofounder of Americans For Safe Access. Chat, relax, have dessert while sipping coffee or tea, and enjoy the live entertainment by Hunters and Gatherers, and Hula Hoopers on fire! The after party, fireside dinner is $100. Special guests are sure to arrive, and the festivities are expected to last all night. Help raise funds while enjoying the day, the evening, food and friendship. Learn a new trick or two, and help keep innocent patients out of jail!

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Who Is Secretly Working to Keep Pot Illegal? Big Pharma and Government By Steven Kotler


The Pharmaceutical Industry

In 2009, the global pharmaceutical market was worth $837 billion—and it’s on track to top $1 trillion by 2014. This is a lot of money to spread around, so when it comes to lobbying efforts, very few have this group’s clout. Mostly, Big Pharma gets what Big Pharma wants. And one thing it wants is for marijuana to remain illegal.

It’s not hard to figure out why. You can’t patent a plant—and that’s a big problem for pharmaceutical companies when it comes to medical marijuana.


Imagine a wonder drug able to provide much-needed relief from dozens and dozens of conditions. Imagine it’s cheap, easy to grow, easy to dispense, easy to ingest and, over millennia of “product testing,” has produced no fatalities and few side effects—except for the fact that it “reportedly” makes you feel really, really good. That would be quite a drug. Knowing all this, it’s easy to see why the pharmaceutical industry worries about competition from marijuana.

And besides its palliative prowess, researchers consistently find that patients prefer smoking marijuana to taking prescription drugs.

In another study run by Reiman, 66 percent of her patients used cannabis as a substitute for prescription drugs; 68 percent used it instead of prescription drugs to treat a chronic condition and 85 percent reported that cannabis had fewer side effects than other medicines.

Early on, the pharmaceutical industry fought back by spending money on anti-pot efforts, but the same NORML investigation that fingered the alcohol and tobacco industries as heavy backers of the Partnership for a Drug-Free America found that Big Pharma was doing so as well. “They were so embarrassed by that revelation” says MAPS founder Rick Doblin, “that they mostly stopped spending money on anti-marijuana lobbying efforts.”

Since then, the pharmaceutical industry has shifted its focus to developing alternatives to medical cannabis, often taking the traditional reductionist approach. Specifically, these days, if a pharmaceutical company wants to turn a plant into a medicine they isolate the most active ingredient and make what’s known as a “single-compound drug.” Morphine, for example, is really just the chemical core of the poppy plant. This too has been tried with marijuana. Out of the 400 chemicals in marijuana, 80 of them belong to a class called “cannabinoids.” Out of those 80 cannabinoids, a number of pharmaceutical companies have tried reducing marijuana to only one: THC. But the results have been unsatisfactory.

“There are certain cases,” says Doblin, “where the single-compound formula works wonders. But it’s just not true in every case. The pharmaceutical industry keeps claiming they’re not worried about medical marijuana because they make a better product, but when you reduce cannabis to just THC, you lose efficacy and gain side effects.”


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