Kathie Z


My name is Kathie Z and it is hard for me to write this because medical cannabis has affected my life for many years and in so many ways. I have lived with many sources of chronic pain for a lot of my life. I was treated like a drug seeking addict when I just wanted some kind of relief of the multiple pains I experienced on a daily basis. I would ask for something stronger because I wanted to have a minimal number of pills hoping to have less negative effects from taking them.

I was told for months that the x-ray was negative and there was no reason for the pain. I was put through hell with inappropriate physical therapy before being told by a physical medicine MD that the x-ray had been misread. There were fractures present in the spine. After being treated with pharmaceuticals for years I found myself at 343 lbs. in cardiac, respiratory, liver and kidney failure. Then told I had only 6 months to live. My son was 12 years old and I had too much life left in me to stop here.

So when my Kaiser Drs. Coli and Morisson went to my surgeon who did my weight loss surgery. I pushed myself hard to be allowed to have the surgery. After losing 150 lbs I was able to have seven more major surgeries in as many years, including ceramic hip and bilateral titanium knees. It wasn’t till I increased from smoking cannabis to using edibles and now tinctures that I was able to decrease the Norco’s to Tylenol and codeine and to stop many other drugs for pain, depression and sleep.

I now am down 200 lbs and feeling good. I found not only treatment but I also found a wonderful community to be a part of. With my learning again the joy of helping others ultimately helps me. Whether we are helping in
court, city council, county government or on the home front, I now have added to my extended family and will stand strong with them until this fight is done and all people can have the freedom to use the treatment choices of their own choosing.

Los Angeles Times: NO on Measure M


The Los Angeles Times Votes NO on Measure M, the controversial Measure designed  to tax the very establishments that Cooley is trying to eradicate, talk about your mixed messages.

“Getting in bed with a quasi-legal industry has drawbacks. If city government became reliant on tax revenue from medical marijuana sellers, city officials would be less likely to pass ordinances restricting their operations and police would be less inclined to raid their establishments to check whether they’re really running on a nonprofit basis. A decrease in such scrutiny would encourage more illegal for-profit dispensaries, which draw other kinds of crime. Prices for a drug that many people use to relieve suffering (even if others use it to get high) would rise, which is why legitimate patient advocates such as Americans for Safe Access oppose taxation measures.”


Feb 19 2011 “Love in a success”


Despite rainy weather and short notice, the “Love in” fundraiser at Charles Monson’s place was a success. approximately 30 people came together and shared food, music, and good times including tie dying
t-shirts and roasting marshmallows at the fire. Delicious food of all types and a great enthusiasm by the surge of new support made the midnight end time not acceptable. it was after 2am when the hardcores finally closed it up. All in all a fantastic show of support and a good time had by all!