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Hello Friends, Activists & Colleagues of Human Solution

My name is Ronald Bradley Naulls, and I am fighting for my freedom, my livelihood, and my family.  I am also fighting for my legal rights as a licensed medical cannabis patient and provider – as well as the rights of thousands of suffering citizens in my community and country just like me.

I am writing this letter because I need your help.

I’m a 28-year-old happily married man and proud father of three beautiful girls Aaliyah, Amaiyah & Aryanna ages 5, 3 & 1.  Until recently, I was an entrepreneur with my own IT Consulting company as well as a real estate property management company.

On July 17th, 2007, the Drug Enforcement Administration raided my residence and all my businesses. During the raid they confiscated our family vehicles and all of our savings and checking accounts.  But most excruciating and unprecedented of all, they took my daughters and put them in the custody of Riverside County Child Protective Services.

I was indicted by a federal grand jury, arrested, and thrown into federal prison.  My mother and father had to put up their home in order to bond me out of incarceration.  In addition to federal drug charges against me, my wife also faces child endangerment charges, though we have not broken any state laws.

To give a little background, I became a medical cannabis patient in 2001 after a very serious automobile accident resulted in a clavicle bone fracture between my neck and shoulder. My family doctor at the time had recommended various types of prescription medicines and treatment including physical rehabilitation, which didn’t offer any relief or healing whatsoever.  Consequently, I suffered from stomach lining infections from the various medications I was prescribed.

Shortly thereafter, I was regularly seeing a chiropractor in order to realign and adjust my bone fracture, temporarily easing the tension and pain, but relief was very diminutive and inadequate to the point where I was unable to work and provide for my family.  My chiropractor told me some of his other patients were prescribed medicinal cannabis to provide therapeutic relief along with chiropractic treatments for their chronic pain and other back problems, and that I possibly should consult with my family doctor to see if medicinal cannabis would be an option.  Totally unaware of the legalities, I inquired with my doctor and discovered that I was an appropriate subject for prescription medicinal cannabis.  Upon receiving my doctor’s recommendation for medical cannabis I have been able to stop using other prescription medicines.  Medicinal cannabis unequivocally provides me much relief to the point where I can actually work and provide a living for my family.

Although medical cannabis is legal in the state of California, I soon realized there were no options for availability in my county of Riverside and extremely limited and unregulated distribution options throughout the Los Angeles area.  The hour or more commute (or longer with traffic) was totally unbearable and with petroleum costs rising astronomically it became very difficult and time consuming to acquire my medication.

The Department of Health in Riverside issues a state medical marijuana I.D. card for a fee of $100 for legal patients to identify their legal status with medicinal distributors and local law enforcement but does not provide guidance for where or how to acquire medicine.  I found this to be totally absurd.  Analogy would be like the government selling handicap placards to disabled people but providing no handicap parking.

After consulting with attorneys, I took it upon myself to open a pharmaceutical yet compassionate clinic in Corona, CA, called Healing Nations Collective, to serve the thousands of licensed patients here suffering from serious conditions such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, multiple sclerosis, PTSD, etc.  Healing Nations was a non-profit organization entirely legal under California’s Proposition 215 law and Senate Bill 420 law passed in 2004.

We had a valid seller’s permit from the State Board of Equalization and we were paying taxes on our gross sales just like any other business in the state of California.  Records indicate about $123,070 in taxes paid to the state of California.

I am known throughout the community as a peaceful, law-abiding, churchgoing, local businessman and member of the Corona Chamber of Commerce.  Healing Nations was a prominent contributor to the community via various charities and organizations including the American Cancer Society, God’s Kitchen, and the Foundation in Corona, a local organization for the fight against breast cancer just to name a few.

Because the federal government seized all of our assets, I lack the resources to properly defend myself.  I’m currently using a federal public defender that is totally unaware and maladroit on Proposition 215 and Senate Bill 420 or the relation of California’s laws and implementation of medicinal cannabis dispensaries and their legality under California’s laws.

The federal government is using strong arm tactics against me and my family, and I strongly believe it’s in part racially motivated: Other clinic owners and operators throughout the state have been raided but not arrested, prosecuted, or had their children taken away.  These raids always end in closure of the facility with no arrests or property being seized.  This is almost always the consequence because the facility operated inappropriately and unscrupulously outside of California’s laws i.e. distributing to unlicensed patients and or operating for profit.

I am a political prisoner caught in a war between the state and federal governments over the legality of medical cannabis, and the federal government is trying to leverage my children in a cruel, cynical attempt to gain an advantage in their petty power struggle.  Simultaneously, my wife and are financially, mentally, creditworthiness & backgrounds are ruined.  I can’t for the life of my family acquire adequate employment as a Sr. Network Engineer, Systems Engineer or IT Consultant because of the pending charges that materialize from background checks, which was flawless before this catastrophe.

I can’t win this fight without your help – be it in the form of contributions to my legal defense fund or your legal counsel and advice.  And it isn’t only for the sake of me and my family; the federal government is systematically suppressing not only state’s rights but human & civil rights as well.  Tax deductible donations have been established via the website listed below.

Sincerest thanks in advance for your time and assistance.  I hope this letter encompasses all in good spirits, and I pray that my story and my plea for the sake of my family inspires you to join forces with me to stop the federal crusade against our rights.  Lord Bless.

Sincerest & Warmest Regards,

Ronald Bradley Naulls

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