Schedule of Upcoming Classes


Organic Gardening 101 presented by Willow Creek Springs

Including a 2 hour course with hands-on training in composting, pest control, water conservation techniques, organic nutrients, and much more!

Introduction to Medical Cannabis

We have tailored presentations for different age-groups including basic medical, legal, and practical information.

Patients’ Rights

Know your rights as a law-abiding medical marijuana patient.

Raid Training

Know what to do as a collective, or as an individual, in the case of unfortunate intrusion by law enforcement.

Basic Cooking with Cannabis

Extraction techniques using butter, oil, and glycerine.

Communicating with your City Council

Learn to make a constructive statement that your councilmembers take notice of.

The Brown Act

Keeping your council in compliance regarding closed-session meetings and decisions.

Town Hall Meeting

How to orchestrate a presentation by professionals to educate your local government.

Registration, Referendum, and Recall

Weild the inalienable rights of the American Voter!

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